Why Pottery

I went back-and-forth whether or not to include my pottery on my website.  I was concerned that it would be confusing since this is a website about my artwork and painting products. However, friends encouraged me to show my pottery portfolio and to include some pieces for sale.

Pottery Background

Some time ago (I won’t say when), I enrolled in a ten-week pottery course in Sandwich Mass.  I thoroughly enjoyed the class and still have some of the pieces that I made.  During this time period, I continued with my painting and licensing career while raising my children.

In 2004, we moved to central Maine.  Shortly after moving to Maine, I purchased a used pottery wheel.  Occasionally, I attempted to throw some pots on the wheel.  I didn’t have a kiln at the time and was gradually collecting heavy greenware.  Again, I enrolled in a local pottery class to improve my skills and I was able to fire and glaze some of my old greenware pieces.

However,  It wasn’t until 2017 that I immensely emerged myself into pottery. Clay was my therapist and my savior, for dealing with two family tragedies. Focusing on wedging, centering, glazing, and throwing, helped me spiritually with my grief, all the while being covered from head to toe in mud attempting to make that perfect pot. Once again I committed myself to a few more pottery classes at the Monson Pottery Shop in Monson, Maine.

In 2019, I invested in a kiln and a commercial slab roller.  I also taught myself about the chemistry of glazes. I now make most of my own glazes. I mostly work with stoneware clay and fire to cone 6.


Some of my favorite clay is #60 and B3 by Laguna.  I gravitate toward green and blue glazes and sometimes add a splash of red or purple into the mix.  I am always trying new forms and techniques such as sgraffito, molds, slab work, and of course pushing myself with the wheel.  I will sometimes incorporate underglaze paintings on some pieces and I love adding texture to my handwork.

Where to Purchase

At present I sell some of my work in a few seasonal shops in Maine and at the Monson Pottery Gallery.  I offer a few pieces for sale on my website as well.